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Teaching Methodology

Knowledge is Power. Without knowledge the life objective is hardly met. In order to get the knowledge delivered efficiently, the effectiveness of the lecture given plays a very important role. As a result of this strong awareness, I have taken a few steps and instill a deep interest in this teaching profession and learning process, so that the student can feel the importance of knowledge.


There are a lot of ways in delivering the knowledge itself and some of it is as listed below:


1.     Making things Simple and Easy to understand.

·      Use the simple and understandable language.

·      Precise in giving examples

·      Break complicated subject into sub-topics that are easily understood.


2.     Give the Overall Picture before going to individual details of the subject.

·     Access student’s understandings in the process of explanation and after explanation completed.

·      Allows discussion among student to share their understandings.

·     Conduct group presentation for tough topics to encourage teamwork and sharing of information.


3.     Ensure that student can relate between theory and practical by applying the below methods:

·      Bring actual material into the class or laboratory.

·      Conduct experiment to verify the theory.

·      Conduct educational site visit to factory or related field to see the actual/practical implementation.


4.     Maintain good relation between student and lecturer.

·      To create friendly environment among lecturer and student

·      To practice the open door policy

·      To encourage a small close group discussion in class