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Teaching Philosophy

As a lecturer I am fully aware that the responsibility to deliver the knowledge to the students and for
the students to adapt the knowledge involve a lot of factors in the manner the knowledge is delivered. The learning process in the university is a human laboratory with the objective in producing a balance and integrated person in all aspect human being. In order to meet that objective, the process of knowledge transfer shall be conducted in a conducive and positive environment. The lecturer is an important element in the process; have to perform as missionaries. Then the student who received the knowledge had the responsibility to use and execute the knowledge to the benefit of himself, the society, human being and the world as a whole. This process is very crucial because if the institution failed, it means they are responsible in producing the knowledgeable person who is handicapped in humanity term.   A few important factors which require consistent attention in the learning process is listed as below:

  1. Lecturer’s as a model for Moral and Act

It is my responsibility to continuously improve myself in term of moral and appearance in order to be a good example for the students.

  1. Wide and Strong Knowledge In The Subject

Every lecturer who is teaching any subject shall be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge in the field. So the actual learning process started when the lecturer is well aware of the latest progress in the subject knowledge she is teaching. These continuous processes of education for the lecturer herself require high level of commitment for me in order to ensure that the student in my class/under my supervision is getting the information that is not limited to the syllabus of the subject.

  1. Making the Learning Process Interesting and Attractive.

The exposure too the latest progress in the technology development will definitely increase the student interest and knowledge instead of focusing purely on the theory and the syllabus of the subject. This approach will enable student to relate their knowledge to the actual application or environment, which at last will increase their understanding about the subject.

  1. Maintain Good Relation Between Lecturer and Students in the Harmony Environment.