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It is a jungle out there! After graduating do you think someone would come along and offer you the job you always covet for (with the highest pay)? Think again. Many graduates are unemployed or underemployed, including engineering graduates.

  1. At the outset, looking for a new job can seem like an enormous task. But if you break the job search down into simple steps, you’ll be signing that employment offer in no time.
  2. The search for your first job will be one of the most exhilarating episodes of your life.
  3. Shaping your own future-that’s the thrill of a job search, a thrill you’re about to experience.
  4. The great thing about seeking work when you’re young is that virtually every possibility is open to you.
  5. However, the job search of today is a much more complicated and often a vicious process. One virtue that you must bring to your search is PATIENCE. Remain upbeat no matter what disappointments your search might bring.
  6. Today’s competitive and fast-paced job market has forced job seekers to develop a variety of techniques and strategies in order to stay ahead of the evolutionary curve.

Objectives of HTGYE

The main objectives of this workshop is to assist graduating students in understanding the job-hunting process and guiding them to get the job.

  1. Wide spread of skills and providing knowledge for students make preparation for working culture.
  2. Coordinating the delivery methods and contents for each HTGYE module.
  3. Improving skills of academic staff to conduct a mock-interview session with the student.
  4. Preparing academic staff with knowledge and skills based on the needs of industry.
  5. Sharing experiences and expertise with multinational corporations.